Welcome to The High and Low Art Gallery

Welcome to The High and Low Art Gallery

Welcome to The High and Low Art GalleryWelcome to The High and Low Art GalleryWelcome to The High and Low Art Gallery

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About "Quarantine"

The High and the Low gallery's inaugural exhibition, Quarantine, was born out of the precarious situation that the world finds itself in with the spread of COVID-19 and features the work of 16 artists. In these uncertain times many creative professionals find themselves out of a source of stable income for the foreseeable future. We hope that if you are one of the people blessed with a stable source of income that you consider supporting the arts by purchasing work that will not only be a beautiful addition to your collection, but will serve as a memento for years to come of the ways the we came together to support each other during this trying time.  

About The High and Low Gallery

The juxtaposition of the high and the low is at the center of curator Abby Hertz's main drive to create. Combining elements of so-called "high" and "low" culture and art has been her passion over the span of her 15 year career in the arts. She began displaying the work of more accomplished artists next to unknown artists, higher priced work next to lower priced work at her pop-up gallery at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida in 2005-2006. The Cornell Center group art shows, and lively opening nights, became a jumping off point for her career in producing art-based events. The concept of democratizing the creative process and access to the arts has always been close to Hertz's heart.

Featured Artists

Abby Hertz

Abby Hertz is a visual artist, performance artist, and event producer living and working in New York City. She is the owner of AHz Concepts, an art + event firm that specializes in curating art-based entertainment and installations.

Kevin Bourgeois


Kevin Bourgeois is an artist, muralist, and activist known for his photorealist, social-political graphite drawings and thematic installations. Using collage aesthetics to dissect culture by utilizing a combination of photorealism, illustration, and pop-symbolism, Bourgeois explores the undercurrents of society through themes of ideologies, mass media, and identity. 

Chelsea Hrynick Browne

Discovered for her unique Kaleidoscope-conjuring creations, artist Chelsea Hrynick Browne has found the ideal outlet to utilize her training in fine art and mathematics. Chelsea hand-cuts paper into unique intricate patterns over and over again until the layers form a larger abstract “painting,” in a manner described as “obsessive detailed repetition.” 

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Curator: Abby Hertz